Do I have to stay for the whole day? 
You're welcome to stay for as much or as little of the day as you'd like. The farmer's market will be held from 10am to 1pm and you're welcome to attend as many of the breakout sessions and lectures as you'd like

Do I have to buy a ticket?
Only if you want to eat! Our lunch will be catered by Brick Road Pizza, Cherry Deli, Marie Catrib's, and Foxtrot Bakeshop, and you will need a ticket in order to get food.All other festival events are free.

Can I get a lunch ticket on the 1st?
Yep! Lunch tickets will be sold at the info table by the community garden from 10am to 12pm
, and can be purchased with cash or student miscellaneous accounts.

Is the event outdoors? What happens if it Rains?

Yes! The festival is scheduled to take place outside in the KE amphitheater and patio (between Zeta-Lambda and Theta-Epsilon, near the volleyball court).  If it rains, we'll hold all of the normal events in the KE lounge areas.

Where should I park?

Plan on parking in the DeVos Parking lot which is located across the East Beltline on Calvin's campus. Enter any of the main entrances and signs will lead you to the DeVos lot. From the parking lot, walk south toward Burton - parking assistants will direct you.  Still not sure where you're going? Check out the campus map.

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